Wet Weather Info

The wet weather information line for Avalon is:

02 9970 1236

We are not allowed to train on grounds that are closed. The Club can be fined for breaching ground closures.

Please Note:  The information provided by these numbers will only advise whether the ground is open or closed - it will not advise you of relocations or cancellations. For that information you must contact your team manager, or your coach.


Pittwater 02 9970 1236
Warringah 02 9981 2099
Manly 02 9976 1699
Hornsby 02 9847 6764
Ku-ring-gai 1902 213 398
Lane Cove 02 9911 3585
Drummoyne 02 9911 6378
Willoughby 02 9777 7631
North Sydney 02 9936 8585



Hitchcock Park, Porters Reserve and Newport Oval are controlled by Pittwater Council. All grounds are to be considered OPEN until notification has been made in accordance with the following guidelines. Where inclement weather forces the closure of either/both grounds, Council will place a recorded message to that effect on their Wet Weather Line (see above).

This telephone number should be rung if you have any doubts about whether training or a game is on in the Pittwater area.

Note that the information on the Wet Weather Lines will only advise whether the ground is open or closed - it will not advise you of relocations or cancellations. You should always make contact with your Team Manager. As a rule you should always assume away games are on unless otherwise contacted, but the Mosman grounds will be as per the Wet Weather Line.


Team Managers are to contact the Wet Weather Line no later than 3:00PM to find out if grounds have been closed for weekday training and any Friday night matches that may be applicable;

Team Managers will then be responsible for contacting their respective team members and notifying them regarding the cancellation of training or matches;

Where a match is to be cancelled, the Team Manager MUST make contact with the opposition team manager as soon as practical to advise them of any ground closure, and then also arrange for an alternative playing time;

Where applicable the Team Manager is also responsible for notifying the Match Referee or the Referees Convener of the cancellation as a matter of urgency.

Each Team Manager may also choose to arrange for alternate methods of ensuring that their team members are contacted in the case of wet weather & subsequent ground closures.

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